About Biological Age

Your Biological Age is a truer measure of you age that your date of birth. Our Biological Age is calculated by measuring the largest (scientifically researched) influences on longevity. It is also skewed towards lifestyle or cultural factors and specifically avoids any genetic biases.

If you are looking for a genetic test that can predict your life expectancy based on the length of your telomere's it does not yet seem to be available (May 2021). Your real Biological Age is different to your chronological age (or biological clock) because it includes the speed at which a person is aging. Here is a link to our quiz or Biological Age calculator

Terms and Conditions

This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Biological Age is a crude measure of your health but I hope you find it interesting. We are not responsible for anything you do once you leave this site.

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